Michael Gathara

In Development

The Site

The domain michaelgathara.com was acquired on December 17th, 2019. It was previously hosted on Github Pages under the domain michaelgathara.github.io. Ever since then it has slowly grown to entail a couple pages and some that are hidden. These include

The hidden pages are used as playgrounds before launching a new page or feature. The site can now also be reached through different native domains which include

  • Mikegtr.com
  • Mikegathara.com

These were acquired for consolidation and to make it easier to talk about and visit for those who may struggle with spelling or remembering my last name

I have also consolidated my social media and other links through the domain thus visiting michaelgathara.com/{insert app here} will take you to the appropriate page

Overall I hope to continue using this domain and website to broaden my abilities on the web and beyond.


Name: Michael Gathara
Birthday: October 19th
2024 Major: Computer Science

  • Full Stack Development
  • Web Design
  • Physics
  • Business Administration
  • Investing
  • Developing things to fix problems
  • Philosophy
  • Machine Learning
  • Photography
  • Cinema

Favourite Quote:

Insert quote here


  • Independently Pressure Washing
  • VR programmer, EAVR
  • Technology Specialist, Office Depot
  • Head of Technology, CleanHoover
  • Customer Service & Technology, Cajun Cleaver

Volunteering Experience:

  • Nursing Ambassador, Children's of Alabama
  • Administrative Assistant, Hoover Senior Center