Michael Gathara

The Site

The domain michaelgathara.com was acquired on December 17th, 2019. It was previously hosted on Github Pages under the domain michaelgathara.github.io. Ever since then it has slowly grown to entail a couple pages and some that are hidden. These include

The hidden pages are used as playgrounds before launching a new page or feature. The site can now also be reached through different native domains which include

  • Gathara.org
  • Mikegtr.com
  • Mikegathara.com

These were acquired for consolidation and to make it easier to talk about and for people to remember after a social interaction

I have also consolidated my social media and other links through the domain thus visiting michaelgathara.com/{insert app here} will take you to the appropriate page

Overall I hope to continue using this domain and website to broaden my skills on the web and beyond.

About Me

Hello! I'm Michael Gathara, a highly adaptable Computer Science student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham with extensive experience in Full Stack Development, Data Scientist and Research Intern. I am deeply passionate about solving complex problems, making me a natural fit for my current roles as a Teaching Assistant and a High-Performance Computing and Programming Languages Research Intern at the UAB Computer Science Department. My quick learning ability and a keen desire to constantly grow and learn have allowed me to develop a wide range of skills that span from software development and research to teaching.

In the professional realm, my tenure as an Intelligence Analyst II & Software Engineer at DarkTower has further refined my abilities in software development, project management, and experimental design. I am especially proud of my role in developing the DarkTower Online Dashboard, an internal tool which I built from the ground up.

I'm not just about computers, though. I believe in giving back to my community and am actively involved in several extracurricular activities. As the former President of the Association for Computing Machinery at UAB (currently an Executive Advisor), the Executive Advisor of the Math Club at UAB, and a member of several advisory boards, I strive to make a positive impact both within and outside my field of study.

My interests include Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Computing, areas I am eager to explore further. With my extensive programming knowledge that includes Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL & MySQL, AWS, Google Cloud, Flask & Django, NGINX, G-Domains, C Programming Language, Simple Assembly, Functional Programming (Racket), I am always up for a challenge.

But enough about me - I'd love to hear about you and how we can collaborate. Feel free to reach out through any of my contact methods listed on this site. Whether it's a complex problem you're trying to solve, an exciting project you need help with, or even just a chat about the latest trends in tech, I'm all ears!