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Currencies, Federal/Central Banking System

Monday: June 8th, 2020

How money is created | Time: 32:33

Options Trading

Monday: April 13th, 2020


Options trading is the pratice of buying a contract to have the ability to buy or sell 100 shares per contract of an underlying asset


A comprehensive guide to trading options goes in depth, Time: 1:11:15

A short but nice in understanding options prices | Time: 7:32

Examples on how to trade options with low capital | Time: 6:39

Covered Calls | Time: 14:59


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Concepts and pratices

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It's no secret that investing requires a lot of math underneath. This is even more evident in options.

The price of an option is calculated using the Block-Sholes Formula as shown:

$$C = S_t * N(\color{red}{D_1}\color{white}) - K_e^{-rt}*N(\color{red}D_2\color{white})$$


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Selling Call and Puts options

Requires vast intial capital depending on which tickers you decide to trade

The Wheel Strategy | Time: 5:28

The Wheel Strategy expounded | Time: 12:01

Primordal Particle Systems

How life emerges from a simple particle motion law | Time: 16:00

時の回廊一時間 | Toki no kairō ichijikan | Time Corridor | TIme: 1hr

Time Dilation

Saturday: April 18th, 2020


Time Dilation is a subset of Einstein's special relativity theory. In a nutshell it says that an object moving fast(Close to light speed preferably) the slower it's time will seem to pass when observed by another object moving considerably slower.



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The Time Dilation Formula

T ' = T 1 - v 2 c 2

- Michael Gathara

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